How to keep your money?

Why keep your money in cryptocurrencies?
One of the most popular questions today is whether you should keep your money in cryptocurrencies. And there are several explanations for this question. First of all, there is a growing distrust of banks and the fact that the interest rates they offer today are minuscule. Moreover, they tend to fall evenly, which does not excite people either. The second factor is the well-known pandemic that has left people without income, and many are pinning their hopes on the benefits of growth or cryptocurrency fluctuations. And the most basic factor is the news background. Every media outlet is talking about the value of bitcoin and the rise in its price. This, in turn, fuels interest and, of course, gives hope for a possible profit or gain from the rising price of the cryptocurrency.
But that’s the whole point of making money with cryptocurrencies. You buy cheap, the price goes up, you sell, you make money on the difference. That’s it. Whether it’s worth holding money in cryptocurrencies is another question. Hold it as an asset. Like in a bank, where most people put their money to earn at least a small percentage, or just keep the money in a safe place. But, my subjective opinion is that cryptocurrency and reliability are completely different concepts and poles.
Investing money in cryptocurrencies is worthwhile. And having money in cryptocurrencies is worth it. And it will be an advantage. Just with one specific caveat: you have to do it right, like a real investor. An investor’s portfolio must be diversified, which means it must include other assets besides cryptocurrency. But it does pay off.
Personally, I have developed a certain strategy that I use to buy cryptocurrencies. And I do keep my money in cryptocurrencies. Yes, the portfolio has already appreciated quite a bit, and there is a temptation to sell it, earning a decent percentage. But since I prefer to invest rather than trade, I only keep my money in cryptocurrencies for now. It’s an asset of mine. With good potential and opportunities.
Investing money in cryptocurrencies, just like keeping it in cryptocurrencies, is not something everyone can afford. There are exchanges and cryptocurrency exchanges where you can buy them, but many conservatives are put off by the supposed complexity of buying, storing and selling them.
Here I have summarized my own views on the desirability of storing money in cryptocurrencies. I welcome your comments on this post on this topic.

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